Monday, November 1, 2010

Dorothy (mon)Day QOTW: Saints Alive!


“And all those other quiet men who drop by "off the road" who help in so many little ways. If I’m not careful I’ll sound like the Irish who see sanctity everywhere. What a variety of people "called to be saints," crotchety, giddy, cranky ones, bibulous ones. It is no mean ambition--to aspire to holiness--to wholeness.”






It is because Christ and His promise of life eternal that I can bear the death of my friend, Kathryn, who passed away yesterday.


Today is a joyous day for the church. We celebrate that cloud of witnesses who have gone on before us. They have born witness to the truth of Christ through their own experience and the experiences of others. They were not perfect in this life, but now they live in perfect communion with Christ. They are, in other words, made whole.


To celebrate the day, enjoy this video from Louis Armstrong.  Think of my friend Kathryn as you watch.