Friday, November 16, 2012

Flannery Fridays QOTW: The Dangers of Laughter

My two charges stole this clean sheet from me. Hilarity ensued.

"I seldom know in any given circumstances whether the Lord is giving me a reward or a punishment. She didn't know she was funny and it was agony to laugh and I reckon she increased my pain about 100%."--O'Connor on one of her nurses  in a 1964 letter after her return from a hospital.

Recently I posted a fantastic piece mocking a famous catalog written by Drew Magary for Deadspin on my personal facebook page (forthwith posted on the Faith, fiction, and Flannery facebook page. While you're there, become a fan!)

A friend of mine admonished me not to post anymore funny things since she's just had a spinal fusion and she just might have to hide me from her newsfeed.

Well, I thought she might be in good company with her feelings, having just read today's quote not long before I put the article up on facebook. So, I decided to make it this Friday's Flannery quote.

Have at it, my friend, Maria Elena! Have a good recovery!

Oh and those two guys in the picture? They crack me up everyday.