Friday, November 23, 2012

Flannery Fridays QOTW: The Day After

I love the richness of Fall colors. Nature certainly bids us a spectacular adieu.

 “I can, with one eye squinted, take it all as a blessing.” 

Who among us has not just spent Thanksgiving with our family? For some of us, it's a trying time. For others, it's joy-filled. For most of us, though, it's probably a mixed-bag. 

I'm writing this on Wednesday evening, so I have no idea yet how my Thanksgiving was. I hope it was good! Heck, I hope I survived it. If all went well and I did survive, then this morning I am driving back to NY from Connecticut and am going to spend a fun-filled day with friends at a leftovers party. No fancy dress-up here. Sweatpants or PJ's are the required attire. This is my kind of gig.

But what if my Thanksgiving went horribly, terribly wrong? Is it still a blessing? I think so because it's been my experience in life that God uses every dangblasted, craptastic (cancer scares, unemployment, addiction recovery, etc.) event to draw me closer to Him (I like using the KJV version of "Him". Far more important, don'tcha think?).

Even if I have a knock-down drag-out fight with the sisters and the turkey starts a-flyin' (which I doubt has happened), God somehow creeps in and gives me an opportunity to walk ever closer with Him. It may be an opportunity for humility and amends-making. Or maybe an opportunity to be of service to my family has arisen and I took it. It's a blessing because God is the hound of heaven. Perhaps I've allowed someone to help me, isn't that an opportunity for them to work out their salvation? To come out of themselves and look toward another? I think so and it gives me a double-dose of humility because I have to admit that I cannot do it alone. I can do so little by myself that I am completely useless without Christ. And so, like Ms. O'Connor, I too can take it all as a blessing, even while wincing.