Friday, November 30, 2012

Flannery Fridays QOTW: Superiorly Confident

I like the way I take pictures of buildings. There I said it.

"You will observe that I admire my own work as much if not more than anybody else does."

Okay, I liked this quote at first just for the sheer balls to the wall confidence of it. Who among us is not self-satisfied with one of our talents? But then I thought that perhaps it's not so ballsy after all. Perhaps it states exactly what the artist/writer needs to state: we (generally) like our finished product even if we can't stand the process. We have to be satisfied with it at some point, otherwise nothing would ever be completed. This is perfectionism and it will do us in. That's also one of the reasons why I'd put down writing for so long--the mantra of self-doubt--"you will never be as good as so and so"--crept into my brain and stayed for a long time. Perfectionism paralyzes. When I surrender to this character defect, I get things accomplished--the laundry gets done and the blog gets a much-needed jumpstart.

There's always room for improvement in a blog post or a short story, but I do like the end results I usually get.

There's something about the satisfaction a work accomplished brings, a sense of creation. We are a creative people. We are designed by God that way. We experience satisfaction because God experiences satisfaction. When properly ordered, that is, when we accept our work as the gift that it is, we can rest just like God and see that it is good.

On a completely unrelated note: Am I the only who has noticed a striking similarity in both outlook and physicality between Ignatius J. Reilly of the wonderfully delicious Joseph Kennedy Toole book A Confederacy of Dunces and the fantastically delicious G. K. Chesterton?

The fictitious Ignatius J. Reilly

The real G.K. Chesterton