Monday, December 3, 2012

Dorothy (mon)Day QOTW: A Great Adventure

Church feast, August 2011

"I came away from Rome more convinced than ever that the particular vocation of the Catholic Worker is to reach the man in the street, to write about the glorious truths of Christianity, the great adventure of the spirit, which can effect so great a transformation in the lives of men if they would consent to the promptings of the Spirit."--CW June-July 1963

This is really an awesome quote, buried deep within a piece about her trip to Italy where she stayed with artist William Congdon. She also had the privilege of attending John XXIII's last papal audience before he died. What strikes me most about this quote is that I don't necessarily think it's the "role of the laity" in the general/group sense to proclaim Christ, but it is the role of each individual person to do so, and to do it in the way we can. Day did it through writing, and Congdon through art. Congdon's art, like Day's writing, is not comforting or comfortable. Neither was the cross.

Congdon's Nativity is jagged

And yet, to live this life after an encounter with Christ is an adventure of the Spirit. It's balls to the wall living on the edge even as we might be accused of retreating from the world.

Ron Rohleiser says something interesting about this adventure. He says that what bring us to love is tension; that we should not resolve this tension prematurely--the sublime has to be waited for.

It's a difficult thing, to wait. I don't like it. My blog audience does not consist of 1,000 people, so I drop it. My stories aren't getting published so I forget them. There. Everything is writing, no waiting. But then everything is destroyed. Resolving early takes the tension away, and that is not a good thing.

I hope Advent is filled with tension.