Monday, December 10, 2012

Dorothy (mon)Day QOTW:

The stories this old craggy tree could tell

“Don't worry about being effective. Just concentrate on being faithful to the truth.” 

--Dorothy Day

Everything screams, "Write with abandon! Write as if the world depends on it because it does!"

I'm listening. And listening. And reading. A friend tells me to write with abandon. Faulkner tells me to read, read, read. Day tells me to be oriented toward the truth.

O'Connor tells me the truth will make me odd.

Well, if all of that is true, then I will read and I will write. It's what I do best, but not often enough. The thing about truth is that it is uncommon. And unpopular, even though everybody says that's all they want. Writers are told they need to build their platform using different social media...we need to come into the "game" with a built-in audience, otherwise the chances of being published are incredibly slim.

But does a writer write to gain a wider audience, or does she write to tell a story? Sometimes, I honestly don't know what other peoples motives are. Heck, I wonder what my motives are. I find myself buying into the latest, greatest way to market myself or I join groups just to get my name out there. But all I really need to do is write and submit. Write and submit. write and Submit. WRITE and submit. write and SUBMIT.

The readership appears when the writer is ready.